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Yogasleep Nod White Noise Machine

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Create the perfect sleep environment with the Yogasleep Nod White Noise Machine. This versatile device combines a soft, amber night light with a variety of soothing sound options to help you and your little ones drift off to sleep effortlessly.

Key Features:

  • Dimmable Amber Night Light: The warm amber tone of the night light is designed to create a calming, sleep-inducing atmosphere. Easily adjust the brightness by holding down the button to illuminate the room as needed.
  • 20 Sound Settings & Sleep Timer: Choose from a wide range of sounds including white noise, fan noises, nature sounds, and 8 classical lullabies. Special settings like "shushing" and heartbeat sounds are perfect for soothing infants. The sleep timer can be set for 45 minutes, 90 minutes, or 8 hours to fit your schedule.
  • Easy to Use: The simple, intuitive design features easy-to-use buttons and a USB power cord (power adapter not included). No batteries are required, making it convenient for any bedroom setup.
  • Model Number: 4001220: Ensure you're getting the genuine Yogasleep Nod White Noise Machine by looking for model number 4001220.

This white noise machine with a dimmable night light is ideal for babies, children, and adults alike, providing a tranquil environment for a restful night's sleep. Enhance your sleep routine with the Yogasleep Nod White Noise Machine, a must-have for any bedroom.

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